Slot Machine Etiquette – Do’s and Don’ts

Slot machine etiquette is essential to creating an enjoyable casino experience, including respecting other players, casino staff and game rules.

Table games tend to experience more disputes than slot machines; however, these disagreements tend to be manageable with a bit of civility and consideration.


Slot machine etiquette is essential to making sure that your experience at a casino is pleasurable and profitable, with respect for others, knowledge of game rules, and managing money responsibly being among its many components.

Understanding slot machine etiquette means understanding when it is appropriate and not acceptable to take a break from gambling, as well as knowing when it may be beneficial to do so. With proper knowledge, you’ll soon become an accomplished gambler at your next visit to the casino!

Do’s of slot machine etiquette include:

1. Don’t hoard machines. While it can be thrilling to play slots, others need their chance too. If you find yourself winning big on one machine and there are other people using it at the same time, pause or switch with them so they have their turn at playing them too.

3. Don’t leave yourself sitting at a machine when you aren’t playing it. To signal when taking a break, leave some sort of indicator such as placing your Players Club card into its reader or leaving a coin cup on top of the screen indicating your intention of returning later.


As you embark on a casino floor adventure, there are a few key things you should remember. First and foremost is keeping your ego in check while remaining courteous toward other players trying to enjoy slot machines and the surrounding amenities. Furthermore, keep an open mind and positive outlook to ensure an enjoyable and unforgettable experience at your favorite slot machine hotel! We wish you good luck – and extend a warm hello from us!

Don’t Ask

Questioning slot machines is generally not considered good casino etiquette, due to the loud and noisy environment they create. Asking too many questions at slot machines could disrupt someone else’s chances of winning by interrupting or providing unwanted advice during gameplay.

Sometimes machines don’t pay out correctly and if that happens to be your issue, simply ask an attendant to look into it and see if they can rectify it.

Remember, slot machines are random and may or may not always give back winnings; also, the staff does not have time to monitor every machine that is played during their shifts.

If a machine isn’t paying, don’t loiter around for hours. That would be rude and make it more difficult for other players. Instead, wait until it’s free again or play something else until its completion.

Don’t Scream

Screaming can get you banned from casinos for good and can get your wallet damaged too. Other than being courteous to casino personnel and slot attendants, one thing not worth screaming about is playing multiple machines at the same time in a busy casino – especially if they are already being used by someone else. Make the most of limited space by keeping bets low and using only one machine at a time – ask the casino for reservations in quieter areas before heading down the slots floor!