Live Betting – How to Make Informed Decisions in Real-Time When Placing Bets

Live betting allows you to place bets on sporting events as they occur – a significant departure from traditional wagering options where wagers had to wait until a game had finished before being placed.

Live betting can be an exhilarating and exciting way to generate additional funds, but it carries with it certain risks. To minimize them and mitigate potential negative outcomes, place live bets strategically and intelligently.

Betting lines

As lines shift throughout a game, making timely and intelligent bet placement decisions requires timely decisions to maximize profits and avoid losing out financially. Knowing when and why to bet for or against teams will maximize profit potential and bring greater returns than losing bets could ever do.

As soon as a game starts, its lines tend to remain stable as oddsmakers don’t adjust them as frequently based on player or team factors.

However, as time progresses and players begin performing well, live betting odds will begin to change; this phenomenon is known as “line movement.”

As an example, a sportsbook might shift the line on a favorite team from -6 to +6 when the Celtics are leading in a game – which indicates that more money has been placed on them and waiting until there is a better price before placing your bet is often the smarter strategy.


Odds are an essential element of live betting, calculated based on game flow and updated in real-time.

These odds may fluctuate during key points/moments when there is a significant momentum shift; for instance, if an underdog team begins gaining steam and scoring goals suddenly, their odds could shift in favor of them.

For optimal real-time bet placing decisions, it is crucial that you understand how to read odds and adjust your wagers according to what’s happening on the field. Furthermore, managing emotions while making live bets is also vitally important.

In-game events

Game developers have increasingly turned to in-game events as an effective strategy for increasing player retention and IAP revenue. Not only can these events boost player engagement and IAP sales, they can also increase brand affinity, loyalty and social media buzz to drive increased revenues for your company.

For optimal event usage, it is crucial to understand their impact on game performance and select an event type suitable to the gameplay mechanics and uniqueness of your game’s content.

Recurring events provide an unforgettable experience that only recurs over a limited amount of time, making them ideal for games that need to preserve the core balance without too much disruption to gameplay.

Non-recurring events are an excellent way for games that want to keep their audience engaged for longer periods. They are especially beneficial in expanding into new markets or increasing performance post launch.

Getting started

Make the most out of live betting by having an effective game plan and staying on top of your game. A solid strategy will have you winning bets while maintaining your mental clarity quickly, with live betting options provided by sportsbooks such as BetOnline or Bookmaker providing this feature. Similarly, selecting the type of bet which best meets your needs – for instance if betting on football games it would be wiser to choose among renowned casinos rather than lesser known online casinos offering poor spreads.