Jackpot Varieties – Mega Major Minor and Mini

Jackpot slots are among the most popular casino games, offering some of the biggest winning opportunities ever available to players. A life-changing jackpot could change lives drastically but chances are slim that this will happen.

To win a jackpot slot game, a minimum number of winning combinations are necessary in order to claim it – thus making these games risky and potentially lucrative.


Mega Major Minor and Mini are your go-to progressive slots with jackpots; these slots provide the best opportunities to make big wins!

Mega Major Minor and Mini are similar games when it comes to symbols, but differ slightly in how they pay out. Mega Major Minor and Mini require you to line up combinations of jackpot-triggering symbols on a specific payline in order to activate their progressive jackpots.

Apart from regular symbols, these games also include two special ones – wilds and scatters. A Wild symbol can replace any symbol except progressive triggers; whereas, scatter symbols will initiate a 15 free spin bonus round.

These symbols can also be stacked to make it easier to form winning combinations – for example five Medusa symbols on a payline can yield 600 coins in return, while five Nemean lion symbols offer 300.


When it comes to jackpots, certain categories stand out: Mega Major Minor and Mini Jackpots are some examples that stand out among their peers for having special features that set them apart from one another.

One of the key characteristics of progressive jackpot slots is their paylines, making them much more engaging than the standard video slot machine. Betting on all paylines offers you a chance at claiming an exciting progressive jackpot prize!

Bonus games are another key element, offering additional winning opportunities through free spins or other mechanisms triggered by certain symbols.

These features can all help you win big, but perhaps the most crucial is the jackpot. It can be won by landing a combination of special symbols triggered by specific combinations; although chances of hitting them tend to be very high, sometimes success eludes even you!

Bonus rounds

There are various ways that jackpot games can reward you. Some can be fixed while others change depending on the denomination of the game. Today I will explore some of the more prevalent progressive jackpot types which change regularly.

What sets these jackpot varieties apart are their bonus rounds. A popular example is NetEnt’s Mega Fortune slot which includes a jackpot wheel to determine prize amounts as well as free spins with huge multipliers and wild symbols.

Buffalo Power is another highly-revered slot that features both a progressive jackpot and free spins round with a dynamite scatter and sticky grid, both accessible with 3 or more scatters triggering its jackpot round and multi-tiered payouts. The game offers an engaging and unique gaming experience and should not be overlooked; any slots player should give this fast-paced, exciting title a try to feel like they have become millionaires!